David Rees


I am a designer of User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) for web, applications and products.

I design with a user centered approach to ensure the ease of use, pleasure and an enjoyable experience for websites, applications and products. Designing and building products for the user is key to it's success and every project is undertaken with great attention to this experience and interaction.

Front end web design and development

I am a front end web designer & developer with a passion for pixel perfection, layout and typography. I use the latest HTML & CSS techniques with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to build engaging web applications and sites for desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

With the user in mind, the function of a website is carefully considered to ensure it's visitors reach their goals effectively and satisfactorily.

Product design and development

As a trained and experienced product designer, I can take a design from concept, through development and testing to production. With a diverse knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing processes I can bring an idea to realisation.

Key to the product's success is user's experience. My focus on the user interface and this experience ensures that the user is carefully considered and in mind throughout a project which results in a rich and enjoyable experience.

Graphic design for print and digital production

Graphic design supports many aspects of the user interface and experience. It is also fundamental to the concept, development and presentation stages of any project for which I use Adobe's Creative Suite; Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

My user centered design approach also proves effective for the production of printed media including brochures, marketing campaigns, business stationery and artwork.